Thursday, July 25, 2013

JSNT - September issue out

It's not even August yet, but I just saw that JSNT has released their September issue. I'm also happy to see that I've had the chance to cross paths with a few of the authors in this issue.

One of the articles is written by a friend of mine, John A. Dunne, who's writing his dissertation at St. Andrews under N.T. Wright: "Suffering in Vain: A Study of the Interpretation of ΠΑΣΚΩ in Galatians 3.4." I continue to maintain a deep interest in Galatians, so I'll definitely read this article sometime in the next week or so.

Another article is written by one of my teachers here at Emory, Dr. Walter Wilson, titled: "The Uninvited Healer: Houses, Healing and Prophets in Matthew 8.1-22." We've had a chance to talk about this piece earlier last year, and it's one that brings into the text various insights from architecture and social norms to think deeper about what exactly is happening in Matthew 8.

A third article is one by a German professor, Thomas Schmeller, who was a visiting scholar here at Emory last semester. I had a chance to talk to him briefly, and though I missed the seminar in which he discussed some portions of this piece, I was quite fascinated to find that he was arguing for the unity of 2 Corinthians. I'll be sure to add this to the to-read list.

It's been quite a busy summer with a few unexpected events, but I've been reading as much as I can and doing a lot of research assistant work for one of my teachers here, so that has been keeping me busy. Another semester looms in a month or so, hopefully it will continue to open up new questions for me as I enter into my second year of coursework in my doctoral program.