Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Issue of JSNT

I see that the new issue of JSNT is out and one article in particular seemed interesting:

"Whose Abraham, Which Promise? Genesis 15.6 in Philo’s De Virtutibus and Romans 4"

Here's the abstract: 

This article creates a dialogue between Philo’s and Paul the Apostle’s interpretations of Gen. 15.6 specifically, their understandings of Abraham’s faith. Both Philo and Paul see Abraham as functioning in a formally analogous way: for example, Abraham’s faith identifies him as a representative or paradigmatic figure for those who follow him. Yet Philo and Paul develop their interpretations in remarkably divergent fashions. Accordingly, this article will seek to discern the hermeneutical fault line that allows two near-contemporary readers of the same text to construe it so differently. As will be demonstrated, Philo reads Abraham’s story as the narrative of Abraham’s becoming virtuous, and thus how one attains virtue is the key to Philo’s hermeneutic; Paul, by contrast, interprets Abraham’s faith from the vantage point of the Christ-event, such that the focus is on the incongruity between God’s gift and the human recipient.

I haven't been reading much Paul scholarship lately (my coursework right now isn't dealing with any Pauline letters), but two of my classes (Acts and Greco-Roman Backgrounds) deals heavily with working with primary sources outside of the NT, so this seems like an interesting exercise in using a Greco-Roman source for NT exegesis. Also, in my Pauline theology seminar at Duke, we had to read some Alisdair MacIntyre, and I don't know if this author did it on purpose, but his title reminds me of a book by MacIntyre, so we'll see. I haven't read it yet, but for those that are interested, go check it out here.