Tuesday, March 10, 2015

ZNW (Vol. 105, Issue 1)

It was brought to my attention on my social media feed (HT: Brian LePort) that ZNW has a new issue out this year. I'm glad to report that one of my mentors here at Emory, Walter Wilson, has published an article in this issue. See the TOC:

Walter T. Wilson, “Words of Wisdom (Matt 9,9-17; 11,16-19),” 1-20. 

Kylie Crabbe, “Being found fighting against God: Luke’s Gamaliel and Josephus on human responses to divine providence,” 21-39. 

Nils Neumann, “Die πανοπλία Gottes. Eph 6,11–17 als Reflexion der Belagerung einer Stadt,” 40-64. 

Michael Theobald, “Vom Werden des Rechts in der Kirche,” 65-95. 

Ole Jacob Fitvedt and Martil Wessbrandt, “Exploring the High Priesthood of Jesus in Early Christian Sources,” 96-114. 

Gerhard Rignhausen, “Das Rätsel der Ἡρῳδιανοί im Markusevangelium,” 115-125. 

Jason Staples, “Altered Because of Transgressions? The ‘Law of Deeds’ in Gal 3,19a,” 126-35. 

Garrick V. Allen, “Textual Pluriformity and Allusion in the Book of Revelation. The Text of Zechariah 4 in the Apocalypse,” 136-45. 

Walter has been working through the Gospel of Matthew for some time now (see now his recently published book with Fortress Press, Healing in the Gospel of Matthew: Reflections on Method and Ministry) and in the course I am TA-ing for him this semester at Candler School of Theology, students have been given various passages from Matthew, one of which they must choose for their final exegesis papers. If you're at all interested in this gospel, I suggest you take a look at his article then pick up his book.

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