Friday, March 14, 2014

New journal issues

The newest issues are out for the two following journals:

The newest volume of JSNT (March 2014) looks to be a very interesting volume, as it is an issue devoted entire to two recently published books on the Gospel of Thomas, one by my teacher at Duke University, Mark Goodacre (Thomas and the Gospels: The Case for Thomas's Familiarity with the Synoptics) and the other by Simon Gathercole of Cambridge (The Composition of the Gospel of Thomas: Original Language and Influences). Here is the TOC:

John S. Kloppenborg, "A New Synoptic Problem: Mark Goodacre and Simon Gathercole on Thomas"

Nicola Denzey Lewis, "A New Gnosticism: Why Simon Gathercole and Mark Goodacre on the Gospel of Thomas Change the Field"

Stephen J. Patterson, "Twice More--Thomas and the Synoptics: A Reply to Simon Gathercole, The Composition of the Gospel of Thomas, and Mark Goodacre, Thomas and the Gospels"

These articles are followed by response papers from both Simon Gathercole and Mark Goodacre. I read through both books this past year, so I'm very much looking forward to reading the responses. In my opinion, Mark is one of the best out there on the Synoptics and as always, his book is very well researched and clearly written, so if you're mildly interested in this subject, go check out his book (quite affordable at that). Gathercole's book was informative as well, though it might set you back some $ if you want to own a copy for yourself.

The newest volume of NTS (April 2014) includes a wide variety of articles, likely to contain something for everyone. Here is the TOC:

Christopher M. Tuckett, "What is 'New Testament Study'? The New Testament and Early Christianity"

Paul Trebilco, "Creativity at the Boundary: Features of the Linguistic and Conceptual Construction of Outsiders in the Pauline Corpus"

Brice C. Jones, "A Coptic Fragment of the Gospel of John with Hermeneiai (P.CtYBR inv. 4641)

Brendan Byrne, SJ, "Jerusalems Above and Below: A Critique of J. L. Martyn's Interpretation of the Hagar-Sarah Allegory in Gal 4.21-5.1"

Dorothea H. Bertschmann, "The Good, the Bad and the State - Rom 13.1-7 and the Dynamics of Love"

James B. Prothro, "Who is 'of Christ'? A Grammatical and Theological Reconsideration of 1 Cor 1.12"

David I. Starling, "'We do Not Want You to Be Unaware ...': Disclosure, Concealment and Suffering in 2 Cor 1-7"

Sheree Lear, "Revelation 19.16's Inscribed Thigh: An Allusion to Gen 49.10b"

Go check them out.

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