Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Issue of Novum Testamentum

I'd like to point out that a new issue of NovT came out recently (Vol. 55.4). Great to see that my colleague here at Emory, Chris Holmes, has an article in this issue. Here's the line-up:

James R. Harrison, "Paul's 'Indebtedness' to the Barbarian (Rom 1:14) in Latin West Perspective," 311-348

Christopher T. Holmes, "Utterly Incapacitated: The Neglected Meaning of ΠΑΡΕΣΙΣ in Romans 3:25," 349-366

Jam Lambrecht, "1 Corinthians 2:14: A Response to Laura B. Dingeldein," 367-370

Jacqueline Assaël, "L'allègement du chagrin partagé: 2 Co 2:5," 371-372

John A.L. Lee, "Etymological Follies," 383-403

Check it out here.

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