Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Google Hangout + NT studies

In one of my classes, we've had some discussions recently on the Gospel of Thomas and to my surprise, I saw that the Marginalia was hosting a live session with both Mark Goodacre and Simon Gathercole discussing the Gospel of Thomas and their very recently published books about it (respectively, here and here). Admittedly, I was taught at Duke by Mark, so there is much to his arguments I find convincing or at the very least, compelling and good arguments that need to be taken seriously. I do not know much about Simon Gathercole, though I have read his published dissertation on Romans and I had a former classmate who went off to do his NT PhD with him at Cambridge. They are both very good scholars and so this online conversation of two people thousands of miles away is a perfect example of what the intersection of technology and academia can provide for 21st century scholarship.

Check it out:

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