Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New issue of JBL

Seems like the Emory folks (and grad) are represented well in the most recent issue of JBL:

On the Hebrew Bible side, we have a current student, Ryan Bonfiglio who has an article titled, "Archer Imagery in Zechariah 9:11-17 in Light of Achaemenid Iconography":

The last six chapters of the book of Zechariah (chs. 9-14) present numerous interpretive challenges. Though widely recognized as a product of a postexilic context, these chapters, known collectively as Second Zechariah, lack the clear chronological framework and explicit historical signposts that are so evident in First Zechariah (chs. 1-8). Therefore, when it comes to historical-critical approaches to Second Zechariah, there is considerable debate and disagreement in the scholarly literature. In view of this impasse, an increasing number of scholars have turned to alternative interpretive methods to advance the study of Second Zechariah.

On the New Testament side, we have a recent graduate, Joshua Jipp, who has an article titled, "Paul's Areopagus Speech of Acts 17:16-34 as Both Critique and Propaganda":

Interpretations of Paul's Areopagus discourse in Acts 17:16-34 are often radically incongruous. They range from seeing it as a placid pantheistic sermon on natural theology all the way to seeing it as a scathing demonization of Gentile religion. Interpreters who emphasize the speech's similarities to Greco-Roman philosophy incline toward the former view, while those attuned to the Jewish context incline toward the latter. Both types have a significant amount of supporting evidence and are able to provide strong readings for their argument, given that the speech does indeed utilize Hellenistic philosophical concepts and Jewish critiques of idolatry. I suggest, however, that matters are more complex than an either/or interpretation of the Areopagus discourse and that Luke's purposes are more subtle than either “accommodation” or “critique/resistance” would allow.

I'm glad to see Emory folks contributing in a productive way to the guild. Go check these articles out.

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