Sunday, August 19, 2012


Just found out that one of my former teachers at Duke University, Professor Susan Keefe, passed away unexpectedly at the age of 58. I took a class with her last year titled, "Between Augustine to Anselm," a church history class where I was exposed to a time period that otherwise would have remained in my mind as the "Dark Ages." She was an amazingly knowledgeable teacher who, by her own enthusiasm for the subject, made this oft-forgotten time period of church history a fascinating topic of study. We read a ton of primary sources (this seemed to be her pedagogical focus in all her history classes, which was awesome) and all of us had a chance to share different ideas about our final paper. I presented on the topic of the dormition of Mary and how in some of the earliest documents where Marian theology began to take shape (esp. influenced, I think, by the Protoevangelium of James), Mary appears to be a cipher or entrance to discussions of orthodoxy which was undoubtedly important during the early centuries of Christianity. I think there were a lot more I could have said and done but Dr. Keefe was always very encouraging and provided helpful guidance for my dabbling in an area which I was not very familiar with. I hope her charitable spirit will continue to be remembered among the Duke community and that she will now forever rest in peace.

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