Friday, March 2, 2012


It appears that the next few months has a number of books out on the Gospel of Thomas:

If Amazon's date is correct (Mar. 31, 2012), this book in the SNTS monograph series by Prof. Simon Gathercole is the first one to hit the shelves. It'll probably be a very good book that helps set the tone for how NT scholars understand the direction of influence between the Gospel of Thomas and the canonical Gospels. Unfortunately, unless you have a lot of cash or access to a library that carries this book, the price ($95) is quite prohibitive.
I'm not familiar with Prof. Christopher Skinner's work, but a quick scan in my library database shows that he's already done work in GThom, which is probably why he is a good person to write a book that provides an overview of recent discussions on this fascinating book. It's due out in May and the best part about this book so far is that it is quite affordable ($6.40 on Amazon!). I'll probably try to get my hands on this book esp. given its light footprint on my wallet.
Last, but definitely not least, is this book from one of my teachers at Duke, Prof. Mark Goodacre. As the title suggests, he will probably go at this by way of looking at the Synoptic Gospels and GThom closely. I always enjoy reading his work as they are very accessible but at the same time interesting and provocative, so I expect this should be a good read for those interested in this text. It's out in June and a tad over $25 on Amazon.

All three of these books sound interesting right now as I'm taking a class with Dr. Goodacre on the Non-Canonical Gospels. Keep a lookout for these books and borrow/purchase them when they become available.

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