Friday, March 30, 2012

Four Views

I've always enjoyed the "Counterpoints" series from Zondervan, that contain volumes in its series such as Four Views on Christian Spirituality, Five Views on Sanctification, Two Views on Women in Ministry, Five Views on Law and Gospel, Three Views on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament, and Four Views on the Spectrum of Evangelicalism, to name just a few (To see more, click on the first link "Counterpoints" above). It doesn't provide a monograph-like treatment of one particular stance on an issue, but I definitely think it's a helpful guide to understanding the issues at stake for any given topic. I'm excited about reading another volume to be added to this series titled, Four Views on the Apostle Paul, due out in June/July this year.

I'm glad to see four good scholars representing this subject:
Luke Timothy Johnson (Catholic View)
Tom Schreiner (Reformed View)
Mark Nanos (Jewish View)
Douglas Campbell (Post-New Perspective View)

An added bonus for me is the fact that I took Pauline theology with Professor Campbell last Spring which probably makes me a bit biased in favor of his view, but I'm curious to see how these other scholars will respond to each other's arguments.

Zondervan has also released a video promoting the book which gives a pretty good introduction to how each scholar will probably argue his case in the book. Check it out:

If you're interested in what Pauline scholars think Paul said in his letters, this is probably a good place to start!

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