Thursday, January 20, 2011


I think someone is hoarding books secretly at the Duke Divinity School library. I've been meaning to check out various books, and as I searched for them on the library catalogue online, it says "Available," but when I go look for them, it's not there! Now, I know what you might be thinking, that someone was probably using it at that time, but this has happened multiple times (for the same books even!) I've checked with the circulation desk and they say the same thing, "it must be in use by a student right now..." but frankly, either they're super incompetent by placing books in the wrong shelves numerous times (which I don't think they are) or someone is definitely hoarding these books or something and keeping a secret stash! I don't know, either way, it's been very frustrating.


Ari said...

I have had the same problem with some NT books. They are meant to be in the library on the shelves in their correct spaces but nothing. And it is uni holidays so very few people are in the library to be using them. Very confusing.

On the other hand, if you ever study law you will find that hoarding books is standard practice. You will find all the useful books stashed under shelves (I once discovered a whole collection of study guides under some giant Nag Hammadi facsimiles), relevant pages ripped out, etc. This is purely for competitive purposes and it is pretty disgusting!

Mike S. said...

Ari: Yeah... there's something really fishy going on here.

And about the law library happenings, really!?! I can't believe that it's "standard practice"... to think that the ones who are supposed to uphold and enforce the law is doing it through basically unlawful ways. Just a thought, but do you think that's basically true at most top-tier law schools?

Ari said...

From my experience it seems pretty standard. I assume it isn't as bad in lower rep law schools as that is the go to place when we cannot find books in our own library :p

Mike S. said...

Ari: Ah, that is sad to hear (or good? depending on the perspective I guess...)