Friday, January 28, 2011

Kenneth W. Clark Lectures

I suppose the clout that Duke has in scholarly circles is a good thing for students. Late last year we had N.T. Wright in town for a few lectures and for 2011, I found out that this year's Kenneth Clark lectures (Feb. 24-25) at Duke will be given by:

The distinguished scholar, Richard Bauckham. I checked out his website, which says the title of his lectures are "Individualism and Community in the Gospel of John." I'm currently taking Dr. Joel Marcus' seminar on the Fourth Gospel, so it would be interesting to hear what Bauckham has to say regarding the Gospel of John. The main texts for the class has been Lou Martyn's History and Theology in the Fourth Gospel and Moody Smith's commentary on John, and if I remember correctly, I think Bauckham stands on the other side of the debate concerning the 'Gospel communities' and their influence in the formation of the first four books of the NT (though I could be wrong here!).

I'm not sure where I stand on this issue yet, but it's a very fascinating subject that piqued my interest when I first came across Martyn's book a couple years ago. I don't know how packed the lectures will be (I'm going to assume it'll be full), but hopefully I'll get to hear him live at least on one of those days!


Nick Norelli said...

You're right about Bauckham and he's right about the alleged gospel communities. If you get the chance then check out the volume he edited on the subject: The Gospels for All Christians: Rethinking the Gospel Audiences. I think that T&T Clark also published a recent volume on the same subject that's supposed to build upon that older volume (or it may just challenge it, I can't remember).

Mike S. said...

Nick: Thanks for the heads up on that volume, I actually read a chapter of it (written by Bauckham) for my class on the GJohn. It's actually very convincing, hard to see any holes in his argument, though I suppose I'd have to read some books on the other side of th divide to get a clear picture.