Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Reading list

There's been a few comments here and here about books and what we might be reading in the upcoming year. I also have a few books that I've purchased (either a long time ago or recently) that I've been meaning to read. As always, I'm willing to bet I won't be able to read all of these books, but at least I can try!:

Paul Althaus, The Theology of Martin Luther

This is a book I won from a giveaway at this blog, and I'm looking forward to reading this book. I was set on taking a class next semester on John Calvin and the Gospel of John with Dr. Steinmetz here at Duke, but due to some circumstances that will not be the case. I've been interested in the theological impacts of the Reformation on NT studies for some time now, and I suppose this is a good book as any to get an introduction to one of the giants of the Reformation. Afterwards, I may buy this book to make up for not taking Steinmetz's class.

William Baird, History of New Testament Research, Vol. 1

I've been meaning to read through both volumes (third volume is supposedly in the works) to get a better handle on what people have said, where people have gone, and what people are saying now to better understand the landscape of NT research. I don't imagine it to be a stimulating book, but I still intend to work through it bit by bit.

Wayne C. Booth, et. al., The Craft of Research, 3rd. ed.

I read this before, but I think it would be good to read it again as I gear myself up for thesis research in the Fall semester of 2011. I'm planning to just read the relevant portions to help me be a better writer.

Douglas Campbell, The Deliverance of God: An Apocalyptic Reading of Justification in Paul

This is required reading for my Pauline theology PhD seminar next semester, but I've been meaning to read this book anyway. The Galatians seminar this semester (and its required reading of Martyn's AB commentary) I think has given me a good vantage point into the 'apocalyptic reading' of Paul that Campbell proposes here.

Bruce J. Malina, The New Testament World, Insights from Cultural Anthropology

I obtained this book as review copy from WJK press and it's about time I got around to doing a review for it.

J. Louis Martyn, History and Theology in the Fourth Gospel

I read this book a couple years ago, and at the time, to be honest, a lot of it went over my head. I couldn't quite grasp what Martyn was getting at, but after a few years reading through various books on the GJohn, etc., I think it's time that I read this book again. Plus we just finished reading through all of Martyn's AB commentary on Galatians and I feel confident that I can trace his thoughts a bit better this time along. Also, I'm considering taking Joel Marcus' Greek Exegesis of GJohn next semester and this may be a required reading for that class.

Mark Noll, Turning Points, Decisive Moments in the History of Christianity

I bought this book a long time ago and I've been meaning to read it. Christian history has always been a fascinating subject to me, and I think this will be a light book to read from time to time, to get myself away from monographs and journal articles.

Whew, that's a long list, and this doesn't even include a bunch of required readings in my upcoming classes. Hopefully I'll be able to get through most of the readings.

For my readers out there, are there any recent biographies on Christian figures of the past worth reading? This year I finished one on Bonhoeffer and one on G.E. Ladd, and they have both been very good books to read apart from the typical NT studies related things I immerse myself in. Any suggestions are welcome!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a good list!

Mike S. said...

Brian: Yeah, I'm excited to get into them all... though it's tough when the semester gets busy and you never get to do your own reading outside of the class readings!