Friday, November 5, 2010

Spring '11

Here at Duke, it seems like there's a mad rush to get into the classes of your choice, and it was no different this week as registrations opened up for the Spring semester. I had my eye on a bunch of classes and it looks like this will be my coursework for the upcoming semester:

Calvin and the Interpretation of John with Prof. David Steinmetz
Exegesis of Acts with Prof. C. Kavin Rowe
Seminar on NT and Ancient Greco-Roman Philosophy with Prof. C. Kavin Rowe
Greek Exegesis: Synoptic Gospels with Prof. Mark Goodacre
[informal] Readings in Syriac with Prof. Lucas Van Rompay (hopefully...)

There was a Greek Exegesis in the Gospel of John by Prof. Joel Marcus that was super tempting, but due to schedule conflicts, this is how it ended up. There's still a few kinks that needs to be worked out, but I think this will end up being my classes for the Spring. I'm loving the classes this semester, but am also excited for the Spring semester!


jhlee19 said...

OooO...the first two classes sound interesting!

Mike S. said...

Jinny: Haha really? I think #3 and 4 are super interesting...!