Sunday, August 29, 2010

New school

To all my patient readers, thank you for not deleting me from your blog rolls! In the past month, we packed twice, had three wedding receptions, went on our honeymoon, shipped our cars, moved into a whole new city across the US, so please forgive the month-long silence. Anyway, I'm starting school finally this week and here's my prospective schedule so far:

Greek Exegesis of Mark with Dr. Joel Marcus (waitlisted...)
Greek Exegesis of Galatians with Dr. Susan Eastman
Old Testament Interpretation with Dr. Anathea Portier-Young

For my fourth class, it's still a toss-up I guess depending on what they let me do, but I guess if I can get my way, it might be:

The Septuagint with Dr. Melvin Peters
Elementary Syriac with Dr. Lucas Van Rompay

Some words of appreciation go out to various people I've met through online venues, a few who I don't even know their names/blogs, and one John Anderson who is a Duke-MTS alumnus who helped me from time to time along this whole process. Much appreciation to all of you!

And finally, I also need a job.

From now on, blogging will be from Durham, North Carolina!


John Anderson said...


I can be potentially helpful on potentially 2 fronts here:

1. Re: your 4th class, definitely take Luk Van Rompay. I had Syriac and Aramaic both with him. He is hilarious, and probably the top Syriac scholar around (and no Aramaic slouch either). Take him! He may even remember me.

2. Re: a job. For one miserable summer, I was a server at the Durham Red Lobster. It has, conspicuously, not found a place on my CV!

Mike S. said...

John: Thanks again for your help! I decided to take your advice and enroll in Syriac with Van Rompay. I hope the workload for the class won't be too difficult and that knowing the language somewhat will make things interesting when it comes to primary sources.