Monday, August 30, 2010

Fall 2010

Tomorrow begins my first day of class as an MTS student at Duke Divinity. Thankfully my Talbot degree got some introductory classes out of the way, so unless something changes drastically in the next few days, this looks like my schedule for the Fall semester:

Greek Exegesis of Galatians
Christian Spirituality
Old Testament Interpretation
Elementary Syriac

It's been a while since I started classes at a new school, I'm pretty excited! Wish me luck for the first week.


nearemmaus said...

That looks like an awesome semester in the making!

Mike S. said...

Brian: So far so good, my Syriac prof was awesome, made that crazy looking script not so bad after all...

John Anderson said...

Van Rompay is awesome. Tell him hi from me if you haven't yet.

One suggestion, for whatever it is worth. I took Aramaic and then Syriac from Van Rompay. The languages are so close really the only main difference is the script (though admittedly there are a few other small items). I'd suggest taking Aramaic with him if you survive Syriac.

Just wait for the final, which involves him calling you into his office where you have to read one of the course texts for him, translate, and answer any questions he asks. Good times!

Mike S. said...

John: I sure will pass on your greetings. Dr. Van Rompay's been great, he's very knowledgeable in Syriac and he makes learning the language as painless as possible.

The final sounds a bit daunting but hopefully it'll be okay. As for Aramaic, I guess I might look into taking that with him down the line... though I really should somehow acquire German and/or French soon.

John Anderson said...

Fair enough on the German/French, but be mindful that some Ph.D. programs (Baylor among them) will pay for you to take this language course for a month in the summer. My point is simply don't miss out on other things when you may have the opportunity to take these languages for free.

Mike S. said...

John: Ah, that is a good point to raise, thanks for the heads up on that (especially the "for free" part!).