Friday, July 23, 2010

Weird writings

Every now and then, I come across some very bizarre statements from ancient documents, and today I ran into one.

This is a fragment from Clement of Alexandria:

But those who set themselves against God's creation because of continence, which has a fair-sounding name, quote also those words which were spoken to Salome, of which I made mention before. They are contained, I think (or I take it) in the Gospel according to the Egyptians. For they say that `the Saviour himself said: I came to destroy the works of the female'.
--Strom. iii.9.63

What's up with the Egyptians?


Michael said...

Mike S. Come to Wordpress brother.


Mike S. said...

Michael: Yeah people have been saying that to me many times... do you have a wordpress blog?

Michael said...

I sure do -- I've been a long time reader of your blog though. You're really academic.

By the way, Wordpress can import your entire blog, with comments, from blogger. I used to be on blogger and switched. It wasn't too difficult.

Mike S. said...

Michael: I see.. thank you for your comments! As for being "really academic", haha I'm not sure what to say to that... I just like to post random musings on things I read or things I am currently researching for school. And as for the Wordpress, I knew that it can import everything, but I got so used to this format and the way it's set up, it's hard to get away from this to a whole new system at Wordpress...