Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's next?

When I first began at Talbot about 5 years ago, I started out as an M.Div student, going part-time while working full-time at a bank. I took Saturday classes and night classes, not really enjoying the PT (practical theology) classes while loving the biblical studies classes (systematic theology was ok... I think I liked it more before seminary). My goal was never to be some senior pastor at a church later on, I just liked teaching the Bible and wanted to just make a living doing that. Took a year off after some difficult family situations, and after a few Greek exegesis classes, my goals changed completely: I just loved reading all these texts, monographs, articles, etc. that I recognized that things were changing in my own heart. In about a week, I will finish my time at the Talbot School of Theology, get hitched this summer to my super awesome fiance, and get ready to move across the US to attend Duke Divinity School for their MTS program in the Fall. I'm still not exactly sure where this will all lead (I am shooting for a PhD, but you all know how hard that is.), but what I do know is this: I love studying the New Testament critically and if I can get paid doing that, count me in.

What's next? Not sure. All I know is something at Durham, North Carolina. Other than that, only God knows.


Jason Gardner said...

From Talbot to Duke--that will be quite a change!

Mike S. said...

Jason: For sure! I'm looking forward to it though. :)

Nate said...

I know the church needs more people to help disseminate information from the academic to the pew. I wish you luck, hopefully, you won't pull an Ehrman.

Mike S. said...

Nate: Thanks for the encouragement. Speaking of Ehrman, Duke's MTS program allows me (with permission) to take two classes outside of Duke, and one of the nearby schools is UNC-Chapel Hill where Ehrman will be teaching two classes in the Fall: (1) Jesus in Scholarship & Film and (2) Literature & History of Early NT.

I don't know about "pulling an Ehrman" but taking classes with him would be interesting.