Monday, May 10, 2010


Right now, I feel like I am in a...

Swamp! If you look at the monthly blogpost counts on the right side, you can see that as the months went on in 2010, my posts went from 12-7-6-6 to currently 1 in the month of May. Not that I live to blog, but I do like to read and think through things from time to time, and blogging helped me with that, but unfortunately, I've been swamped with a lot of school work. Here's what's been on my plate the past two weeks:

(1) Write a research paper on apocalyptic literature for a backgrounds class
(2) Write a research paper on the Greco-Roman concept of parresia
(3) Read Suetonius' De vita Caesarum and write a paper on it
(4) Read and critique a collection of essays from E.A. Judge titled Social Distinctives of the Christians in the First Century
(5) Read and write a review of Ronald Hock's The Social Context of Paul's Ministry
(6) Read and critique Timothy Savage's monograph Power Through Weakness: Paul's Understanding of the Christian Ministry in 2 Corinthians
(7) Read and write a paper on "Peter's Declaration of Jesus' Identity in Caesarea Philippi" in Key Events in the Life of the Historical Jesus
(8) Read and write a paper on Christianity in the Greco-Roman World
(9) Hebrew final. Yay.

Dang. This is the most reading and writing I've ever had to do in such a short span... most of it is good reading, but still, I feel very swamped right now. So in case you were wondering if I was getting lazy, there you go.


Anonymous said...

Yup you sure are busy. I am way too busy myself so I haven't posted anything meaningful in a long time.

Mike S. said...

Robert: Haha yeah... I guess g'luck for the both of us!

Mina said...

Aja Aja!!

Mike S. said...

Noona: Haha thanks, it's not that you can't comment, I just have comment moderation so I have to approve it!