Thursday, May 13, 2010


When I took a class on the history of rock and roll at UCLA specifically focused on The Beatles, I found out just how pervasive their lyrics/songs were, even decades after their time. I started seeing/hearing references and allusions to The Beatles and it became clear to me that they were even more influential than I had previously imagined. It seems to me that the culture of ancient Greece as well as the Roman adaptations of it in the Roman Empire had a similar impact on Western culture. In my class on the cultural context of 2 Corinthians, we talked briefly about the different gods being worshipped in the city of Corinth in the first century. One of them is Asclepius, the god of healing:

Also, here is Hermes:

Do you notice anything? One of the primary symbols for Asclepius is his rod, a rod with an intertwining serpent. And relatedly, Hermes also carries a caduceus, a serpent with serpents in double-helix formation with winged tips. Both of them look very similar to the modern symbol for medicine.

I visited the website for Yale School of Medicine and this is at the top banner:

Interesting, no?
Seems that long before The Beatles were taking us by storm, the Greeks have been influencing the centuries following.

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