Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fall 2010

I'm studying for my Hebrew final right now, but also began to look at some of the course listings for Duke for Fall 2010 after I got an email from the director of admissions. Some of these classes are doctoral seminars but they do allow MTS students with permission, so I'm hoping to get into some of them!

Here are some of the possibilities:

(1) New Testament Colloquy: Intertextuality in the Book of Revelation
(2) Exegesis of Luke with Dr. Kavin Rowe
(3) Exegesis of Romans with Dr. Douglas Campbell
(4) NT Theology with Dr. Kavin Rowe
(5) Greek Exegesis of Mark with Dr. Joel Marcus
(6) Greek Exegesis of Galatians with Dr. Susan Eastman
(7) Pauline Anthropology with Dr. Susan Eastman
(8) Questions in the Study of Ancient Judaism with Dr. Joel Marcus
(9) Studies in the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha with Dr. Anathea Portier-Young

I'm hoping I get to take at least a few of these classes.

Until then, יְשׁוּעָתָה לַיהוָה


Brian LePort said...

Romans w. Campbell!

Mike S. said...

Brian: Yeah, that'd be fun (and probably hard)... I saw his Deliverance of God at the library recently, it was intimidating how thick it was!

John Anderson said...

Romans with Campbell will make you pull your hair out. I took it, and my hair is just starting to come back in! Actually, it is intriguing, but you had better be up on your Pauline scholarship (meaning, know the positions of Wright, Sanders, et. al. backward and forward).

I would suggest taking Mark with Marcus; seriously, the guy wrote the definitive commentary on Mark in the AB series. And I have to recommend my good friend Thea Portier-Young. She would be great on that topic; I would have loved to take that class.

Let us know what you pick!

Mike S. said...

John: Ah, thanks for the heads up. Just like his book, Dr. Campbell's class sounds pretty intimidating... I'm not that "up" on Pauline scholarship, so I'm debating if I should try to get into that class or not... Anyway, thanks!