Saturday, May 29, 2010

A break... sort of.

So, I finally walked yesterday, graduating from the Talbot School of Theology with an MA in New Testament. I originally started out as an MDiv and was probably about two-thirds of the way done, but I wanted to focus on biblical studies and not do all the practical theology, so here I am. I will be heading to Durham, NC soon to look for an apartment in the Fall, so please pray for us that we'll be able to find a decent place for us to begin a new family together! What else will I be doing? Well, as one of my classmates said yesterday, "I'm going to inhale books during the time off." I don't know about that kind of speed, but I do have a bunch of books I wanted to read, as well as get a chance to think more about potential research topics for my thesis at Duke. Oh, and I might take the darn GRE's again for my future PhD apps, so if anyone has any good tips (for verbal), please share your wisdom.

Anyway, some books on queue:

What are you reading these days?


Brian LePort said...

Congratulations on graduating! Are you doing another MA at Duke, a ThM, or something else?

Mike S. said...

Brian: Hey Brian, I appreciate that. I was going to do a ThM but realized the program is way too short for me to get to know the faculty in any meaningful way (esp. for recommendations), so I'm doing a longer MTS program there. The great thing about the program is it affords a lot of electives and the ability to take doctoral seminars (if allowed). After that if all goes well I guess I'll apply for various PhD programs.