Tuesday, April 20, 2010


With the recent hoopla on the iPad, iPhone OS 4.0, the new MacBook Pro, and possible leak of the next iPhone model... I started thinking that maybe a new religion has formed right under our noses.

Their god:

He has revolutionized the world as we know it. Changed the way we laugh, changed the way we listen, changed the way we do life. If you were to ask even the most distant pagan who they admire as a leader of a movement, it would be him.

Their holy temple:

According to some statistics, some 170 million people have gathered to worship in 2009 to tithe upwards of $700 million per week. They even have priests at this temple, who are called "specialists." Unlike many of the subscribers to other religious movements, these specialists can answer anything and everything about their religion. It would be a shock if you did not frequent this temple at least once this past year, and quite possibly a shock if you did not ponder buying at least some bauble from this magnificent temple. They have a particularly powerful evangelistic model, where no proselyte has ever been asked to evangelize, yet driven by pure love, almost every single proselyte has probably at least once uttered the powerful words, "It's better than PC."

Their scriptures:
They have a powerful indoctrination method, a digital scripture called iTunes. It gives access to anything from what-to-do (apps), what-to-watch (movies, tv), what-to-listen (podcasts, music), what-to-read (books), etc. Unlike so many of the holy writings of other religions, iTunes is fun, interactive, modern, and most of all, hip. Once you've used it, will one rarely turn away to another.


Albert said...

we now have blogs that record every word of steve jobs' recent emails.


(P.S. I'm reading this post on an Apple Macbook, WHILE eating an apple at the same time. How 'meta' is that!?

jhlee19 said...

if there was a "like" button for this post, i'd click it.

Mike S. said...

Albert: Haha that is crazy, is that tumbler thing for real??

Jinny: :)

Mike S. said...

This is what happens when you're getting sick, researching like crazy to write a 15 page paper, and get bored...!

J. Suizzle said...

hahaha you think too much.
but it was funny! good one suhkit!

Mike S. said...

Josh: I didn't need to think for this! Apple is the new idol.

Crazysush said...

Right on!