Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Animal Apocalypse

I've been reading through 1 Enoch these days for a possible research paper, and I have to say the section known as the Animal Apocalypse (1 Enoch 83-90) is the weirdest (and kind of the funniest) so far. I would like to quote you something from this very interesting section (I think you will have a knowing smirk by the time you're through reading it):

"But thenceforth I saw how the wolves even intensified their pressure upon the sheep. They, the sheep, cried aloud--they cried aloud with all their strength. Then their Lord came to the rescue of the sheep, whereupon they began to whip those wolves. So the wolves began to make lamentations, but the sheep thereafter became quiet and stopped crying aloud. I continued to see the sheep until they departed from the presence of the wolves, and the wolves until their eyes were dazzled; yet the wolves went out to pursue those sheep, with all their might. But the Lord of the sheep went with them as their leader, while all his sheep were following him; his face was glorious, adorable, and marvelous to behold. As for the wolves, they continued to pursue those sheep until they found them at a certain pool of water. Then the pool of water was rent asunder, and the water stood apart on this and on that side before their very eyes, and their Lord, their leader, stood between them and the wolves. Those wolves were still not able to see the sheep, and the sheep walked through the pool of water; then the wolves followed the sheep and ran after them into that pool of water. Then when they saw the Lord of the sheep, they turned in order to flee from before his face. But that pool of water gathered itself together and immediately returned to its normal state, the water became full and rose high until it covered completely those wolves. Thus I saw till the wolves which pursued those sheep perished and were drowned."
-- 1 Enoch 89:19-27

Does the story sound familiar? Oh, and do you remember Animal Farm from George Orwell? I kind of got reminded of that allegory as I was reading through this section. Maybe Orwell read 1 Enoch.


Paul In Lee said...

amen brother Enoch!

nearemmaus said...

This is actually from a book in the Narnia series, right? :)

Mike S. said...

Paul: Haha.

Brian: I wouldn't be surprised if it was!