Thursday, February 25, 2010

BibleWorks 8, Part 2

I will continue with the review of the recently installed BibleWorks 8, and as I mentioned in my first review, this one will be on a couple new features that I think will be of great benefit for students of the texts. I happened to stumble on these features (I should really read those User's Guides, etc...) and they were pleasant additions to BW7.

This is a screenshot of the right side of the BibleWorks UI, and as you can see, there's many more tabs for you to enjoy. One in particular was this tab, "Context," that shows the number of particular words in the pericope in your viewing window (in this case, I was looking at 1 Corinthians generally and 4:14-21 specifically). The neat thing about this is, you can see quickly how many verses are in the book (437 in 1 Cor., BGT) and how many words (1937). Not only that, I can scroll down to see what words are being used throughout this letter, which I can then compare to another letter and so forth.

Let's say you wanted to see the development of Pauline vocabulary throughout his letters, this tab would be a great tool for such a research.

This is a screenshot of a separate window that you can access by going to "Tools --> Analyzing the text --> Phrase Matching Tool." In this case, I used John 3:16 as an example, and by searching for a phrase length of 4 words (with 1 word max gap), it gave me a total of 7 verses that it found (with varying degrees of phrase match).

If you are interested in intertextuality (as I am), having a tool like this is definitely a huge plus. In case you were wondering, you can search in exact word form (as in BGT, as shown in my screenshot) as well as morphologically which is just plain sweet.

I'm barely scratching the surface as far as how powerful this program is. I recently got an email for a BibleWorks workshop at Fuller, and if you are in the local area and have $30 to spare, I suggest you look into it to take full advantage of all that this program can offer. I will try to mess around some more with this program and post some thoughts in the near future. If you don't have BibleWorks and you are a student of the Bible, shame on you! :)

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