Thursday, February 18, 2010

BibleWorks 8, Part 1

This is so overdue and my sincere apologies to Jim Barr and the rest of the awesome folks at BibleWorks for this review copy of BibleWorks 8! I got engaged on New Year's Eve and been frantically applying to a bunch of schools the past few months (and not to mention the wedding planning), so that definitely ruined my plans to get these reviews out a long time ago.

Anyway, down to the nitty gritty: I just installed BibleWorks 8 and it is just plain awesome. I've been using BibleWorks 7 for a long time now, and just when I thought I've found the best software for biblical studies, they come out with BibleWorks 8. While the display will look pretty familiar to users of BibleWorks, I could tell right away that there has been some updates to stuff that are available with the click of a mouse:

  • Wallace's grammar is now included
  • Old Testament Pseudepigrapha (morphologically tagged! I have a lot of interest in doing research with Jewish apocalyptic literature, so this is sure to be a great tool in the future)
  • Ante-Nicene & Post-Nicene Fathers (I haven't checked if this is morphologically tagged yet but I'm pretty sure it is)

Granted that I own a PC and not Mac, but from what I could tell, BibleWorks 8 is far better than what you can get for the same price with Accordance! (Sorry Apple users.) Back to the topic of Pseudepigrapha, I just received today the two-volume paperback editions, and as I was flipping through the massive volumes, it was good to know that I could get on BibleWorks 8 and search almost all of it morphologically.

One thing that I appreciated about their interface is its consistency from one version to the next. I suppose I'm kind of old-fashioned, but new, hip, novel stuff doesn't flow very well with me, and I'm kind of the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" kind of guy, and well, I think the folks at BibleWorks did a great job not revamping completely what has been familiar to the users of previous versions. Ok, it is quite late, so that's it for now, but so far so good. Up next, some features that have changed that will make your studies as efficient and fruitful as possible!

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Jim Barr said...

Just a quick note:
The Ante-Nicene/Nicene/Post-Nicene Fathers is NOT morphologically tagged. Sorry.

But the Apostolic Fathers, Josephus and Philo ARE morphologically tagged, along with many NT and OT texts.

Jim Barr

Mike S. said...

Jim: Oh, my apologies! Thanks for clearing that up, still a great resource nonetheless. Thanks!