Friday, January 22, 2010

Ancient Hairstyle

One of the more popular hairstyles of modern day for the follicle-challenged is the comb over, popularized by Donald Trump:

I'm reading through Suetonius right now and was surprised to read that the comb over is not a modern invention after all:

"Caesar is said to have been tall, fair and well built, with a rather broad face and keen, dark eyes... His baldness was a disfigurement which his enemies harped upon, much to his exasperation, but he used to comb the thin strands of hair forward from the crown of his head, and of all the honours voted him by the Senate and People none pleased him so much as the privilege of wearing a laurel wreath on all occasions - he constantly took advantage of it."
Divus Julius 45.2

Funny how old styles come around again.

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