Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Snow + Hope

While the East Coasters are probably busy shoveling snow off their driveways, I sometimes wish we had snow here too... (They'll probably disagree with me...) One cool picture I saw (HT: Big Picture)

I'm gonna be in Chicago for most of next week though, so I guess I'll get to see snow for a little bit. Let's hope for no major delays... Meanwhile, let me leave you with a quote from my current reading, Surprised by Hope:

"...because of the early Christian belief in Jesus as Messiah, we find the development of the very early belief that Jesus is Lord and that therefore Caesar is not. This is a whole other topic for another occasion. But already in Paul the resurrection, both of Jesus and then in the future of his people, is the foundation of the Christian stance of allegiance to a different king, a different Lord. Death is the last weapon of the tyrant, and the point of the resurrection, despite much misunderstanding, is that death has been defeated. Resurrection is not the redescription of death; it is its overthrow and, with that, the overthrow of those whose power depends on it. Despite the sneers and slurs of some contemporary scholars, it was those who believed in the bodily resurrection who were burned at the stake and thrown to the lions. Resurrection was never a way of settling down and becoming respectable; the Pharisees could have told you that. It was the Gnostics, who translated the language of resurrection into a private spirituality and a dualistic cosmology, thereby more or less altering its meaning into its opposite, who escaped persecution. Which emperor would have sleepless nights worrying that his subjects were reading the Gospel of Thomas? Resurrection was always bound to get you into trouble, and it regularly did."


Janice said...

see you in chicago soon!!! do you want to go sledding? i found my snow boots from junior high :)

Mike S. said...

Janice: :)