Monday, November 16, 2009


I recently got a gift card for Amazon for my bday from my college buddies, so I decided I will use part of it (I couldn't get myself to use it all in one day!) and ordered:

N.T. Wright, New Testament and the People of God

Since the semester is winding down, I guess these books will be my winter reading! Happy birthday to me, thanks friends!


jhlee19 said...

N.T. Wright! I'm a huge fan! =) Hope your shipment comes soon. Let me know how his book is once you finish.

Mike S. said...

Jinny: Yes, I'm really looking forward to it! This is the first of six (only 3 out right now) volumes of his 'Christian Origins and the Question of God' series. This one is 500 some pages, vol. 2 is 700 some, and vol. 3 tops 800 pages! It's a long road ahead if I keep going...! I'll let ya know how it is after I get through the first one!