Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lord and Savior

Recently, a friend of mine asked what I thought about the connection between accepting Jesus as Lord and Jesus as Savior. For some reason, I started thinking about it again today and I just did a quick search on BibleWorks and saw something interesting:

In the NT, the word for savior or deliverer, σωτηρ, occurs a total 24 times. Out of those, I think maybe 14 or 15 can be said to be directly attributed to Jesus Christ.

On the flip side, the word for lord, κυριος, occurs 717 times in the NT, and out of those, easily over a hundred of those can be attributed to Jesus Christ.

It's interesting to me that so many tracts that are out there say something along the lines of 'Jesus is your personal Savior.' I think this is also reflected in much of Christian music and literature. Unfortunately, I think they've forgotten that the NT in large measure certainly understands Jesus to be Lord.

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