Sunday, November 15, 2009


This is the common acronym of the book, Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels. It's been one of the main readings for my Gospels exegesis class this semester, and I just found out from my prof that there is a revised edition of this tome in the works! From what he said, two new editors will replace two of the current editors, along with a majority of new, younger contributors. I guess in a few years I'll have to buy that too... On a related note, has anyone read DOT: WPW, DNTB, and/or DLNT? If so, what did you think of it and is it worth adding to one's library like DJG or DPL?


Nick Norelli said...

They're all of the highest quality and worth having. I have all but Dictionary of Later New Testament and Its Writings and Dictionary of Old Testament Wisdom, Poetry, & Writings. I've used every one of them with great profit.

JohnDave Medina said...

I agree with Nick about their quality and worth. The NT class I am taking also uses these books (two per semester). Right now the two are DJG and DNTB; next semester they will be DPL (which I already have) and DLNT. I find the ones I've been using so far to be of great value. So I recommend adding DNTB at this point.

Mike S. said...

Nick and JohnDave: Thanks for the input! I will definitely look into those other books.