Thursday, September 10, 2009

A poll

This is a picture of some of the books that I am currently reading, and my question for you all are: how much time do you spend reading?

How many hours do you read a week?

Let the voting begin!


mike said...

voted "lost count."

out of curiousity, why do you have chicago's skyline from the planetarium as your header? from chitown?

Ben said...

pretty impressed at your reading and some of the insights you post... is mike on his way to a phD or is this all a big show?????

Mike S. said...

Mike: Thanks for stopping by. I have that picture of Chicago as my header because my gf is from Chicago and as a tribute to her (since most of my content doesn't really interest her!) I decided to put that up. Plus I personally love that city as well!

Ben: Only God knows...

J. Suizzle said...

mike, there's no choice for "0 hours"
cuz thats how much i read.

Mike S. said...

Josh: Artists need to read too, no?