Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Feels like college all over again... sort of.

As a biology major in college, I took many science classes, and specifically in chemistry and physics, we would always deal with the metric system. In chemistry we had to unlearn our everyday U.S. system of yards, feet, inches, pounds, and Fahrenheit, to acclimate ourselves with nanometers, kilograms, Celsius, Kelvin, and pascals. It wasn't hard, but it was just a hassle to deal with all the new units of measurement when we don't even use it here on a day to day basis. I wished so badly during college that they would just universalize this whole darn system. And these days, I noticed something even in the world of biblical studies that I found interesting:

In quoting from a passage in the Bible, the American, the British, and even the Canadian scholars seem to have different methods!

If we wanted to reference Psalm 119:105...

U.S. : Ps. 119:105
U.K. : Ps. 119.105
Canada : Ps. 119,105

What is the deal? Just use one system...


jhlee19 said...

as a ee major and chem post bacc student, i fully appreciated this post. yes, stick to one designated system.

Mike S. said...

Jinny: Seriously!