Saturday, August 29, 2009

"ἐμπόριον οὖσα μέγιστον..."

This is a quote from Strabo in his Geography in Book 14.1.24, describing Ephesus as the "greatest commercial center in Asia on this side of the Taurus river." I just started Dr. Arnold's Th.M seminar class on Ephesians this semester so this quote is a really good one. One thing that never ceases to amaze me is a picture like this:

Amazing! This theater (which still exists today) was said to have seated up to 24,000 people, and the theater faced the colonnaded street that led to the harbor. This was the location of the mobbing scene depicted in Acts 19. Just plain amazing.

For the Th.M 3rd hour (the class is 2 hrs for MA-MDiv and 3 hrs for Th.M and other adventurous souls) we'll be reading a few journal articles regarding Ephesians and write an academic focused paper 12-15 pps. Here's some articles we'll read:

Ernst R. Wendland and S. Hachibamba, “A Central African Perspective on Contextualizing the Ephesian Potentates, Principalities, and Powers,” Missiology 28.3 (2000) 341-363.

Jody A. Barnard, “Unity in Christ: The Purpose of Ephesians,” Expository Times 120 (2009) 167-71.

Lee Gattis, “The Inexhaustible Fountain of All Good Things: Union with Christ in Calvin on Ephesians,” Themelios 34.2 (2009) 194-206.

S. Grindheim, “What the OT Prophets Did Not Know: The Mystery of the Church in Eph 3,2-13,” Biblica 84.4 (2003) 531-553.

Excited? I know I am.


crazysush said...

How is Ernst et al. 2000?

Mike S. said...

Not bad. I think there's some flaws in the argument, but I'd say their overall methodology for contextualization is sound.

cryptotheology said...

Oh I'm dying to visit Ephesus - every time I see pics it makes me more determined!

Mike S. said...

Matt: Same here! Too bad traveling anywhere these days costs an arm and a leg.