Saturday, June 13, 2009

Summer readings....

[A photoshopped picture of some books I'm using/reading right now]

Do you remember when high school teachers would assign you like 5 books to read over the summer? I used to hate that so much. I guess things have definitely changed, because I have assigned myself a bunch of books to get started on this summer:

John Barclay, Jews in the Mediterranean Diaspora: From Alexander to Trajan (323BCE-117CE)
Richard Bauckham, Jesus and the God of Israel
ed. Richard Horsley, Paul and the Roman Imperial Order
John Piper, The Future of Justification
N.T. Wright, Justification
Carl J. Richard, Twelve Greeks and Romans Who Changed The World
Brevard S. Childs, The Church's Guide for Reading Paul
J. Paul Sampley, Paul in the Greco-Roman World
James D.G. Dunn, The Theology of Apostle Paul
Gordon Fee, Pauline Christology: An Exegetical-Theological Study
David deSilva, Honor, Patronage, Kinship & Purity: Unlocking New Testament Culture

On top of that, my wish list for books keeps growing. I think I'm happy and sad about that at the same time...

What are you reading this summer?

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Ben said...

dental anatomy and physiology for sure!

Mike S. said...

Haha. and some organic synthesis books might be in order...

Brian LePort said...

Heavy list. Looks like you have some good reading in store.

Mike S. said...

I know, right... It's one of those feelings like, "No pain, no gain."