Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I need _____.

Some people enjoy music, some people need their fix of a TV show, some need to play basketball, and for some, it's books! I wish I could just have a month to read all the books that I've wanting to read. Anyway, I just finished two books, hoping to give me some good background on something I may want to research later:

Dr. VanderKam, is one of the most respected scholars of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and as the general editor of Journal of Biblical Literature, he definitely knows his stuff. This book was a great intro to the period of the Second Temple. I especially enjoyed his overview of Jewish literature, particularly Josephus and Philo and considering that it is only 246 pages, it was very helpful.

Dr. Hurtado, at Univ. of Edinburgh in Scotland wrote this thick book (768 pages!) that delves into how such an intensely monotheistic religion such as Judaism accepted Christ as God transforming it into Judean Jewish Christianity in the early stages. One word: amazing. While thinking about doing research in NT Christology, this book certainly blew this topic wide open, giving me a Mt. Everest-type perspective on what I should know if I want to pursue this further.

What's your fix for the week?

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