Sunday, March 29, 2009

Eat, drink, and.... count calories?

This new blog is making me want to post a lot... but anyway, I noticed that these days, knowing your calorie intake seems to be the "in" thing. Recently, they did some studies to find out America's healthiest fast food restaurants and the unhealthiest restaurants. I think you may be surprised to find such results:

1. Panera (I don't like Panera, but they have free wireless, so ok.)
5. Corner Bakery (Their Pesto Cavatappi is so dang good, but friends keep telling me that I want to eat here too much)
8. McDonald's (Wow)

D+: Denny's (But their buffalo wings are so good, especially at 12:30AM...)
D+: Carl's Jr. (I used to love the Western Bacon cheeseburger combo, but this place went down hill in my opinion... all this "deluxe" burger stuff, I never had it but it doesn't look good at all.)
F: T.G.I.Fridays, IHOP, Outback (They are on the "F" list because they have refused to give nutritional info on their food... one word: shady.)

Where have you been eating lately?


Ben said...

in and out

Bex said...

I saw Panera Bread in an article as one of the UNhealthiest surprisingly. They talked about their 1000 calorie sandwiches and oversized salads.

Mike S. said...

Oh really?

Maybe this only confirms my suspicions that Panera is not that good...

Good one, Bex!

Janice said...

haha i like panera!

J. Suizzle said...

i totally knew it!
mcdonalds is good for you!!!!

Mike S. said...

Haha, seriously!

Especially their breakfast.